Browse Author: Joanne Lynch

Habits of breastfed babies

When you are breastfeeding your baby you will discover that very special connection but you will also see how your little treasure does some things that will surprise you. You just have to pay attention to those little details that perhaps until now, you had overlooked.

Next we are going to tell you about these habits so that, if you had not noticed, now you can enjoy it! You will be able to live much more that special moment that is breastfeeding together. Do not lose detail:

  1. Your baby will caress your face and when you connect his gaze with yours … he will smile at you in the sweetest way there is.
  2. He will pat you on the breast when he takes his milk, and may even pinch you.
  3. With one hand he will touch your nipple while breastfeeding and with the other hand he will caress or touch the nipple of the other breast.
  4. They may inadvertently scratch your chest or face.
  5. If she has teeth, she may bite your nipple while breastfeeding, but she’s not doing it to hurt you, far from it! It’s because he’s enjoying such a wonderful moment between the two of them.
  6. While breastfeeding, he may not touch your breast or bite you, but he will do stunts to grab his feet and move them without releasing his mouth from your breast.
  7. He likes to play with your clothes.
  8. He will put his precious hand between your breasts looking for warmth and comfort.
  9. Sometimes he will fall asleep because of how comfortable he is and how safe he feels around you.
  10. He may scratch his little head in the most adorable way.
  11. He will touch his face, his ears … and then he will touch your ears, your hair …

Perhaps you have already realized these details or if not, now you will. Your little one may have other habits that also seem strange but adorable at the same time.

When you are pregnant, even if you have symptoms that make you feel bad, it is one of the best stages of your life. You feel full because a perfect being is growing inside you that will be your baby.

Perhaps you have also decided to breastfeed your baby and if so, you will see how beautiful it is and also, you will be able to check some curious habits that breastfed babies have … But as strange as they may seem, we can also tell you that they are wonderful.


Breastfeeding is an experience that is difficult to explain. Although it is difficult at first, both in the short and long term, you will not regret it. Of course, if you decide to give your baby formula milk, it is also absolutely normal and you will live wonderful moments and connection.

Professionals always recommend breastfeeding babies and lasting as long as possible because of the benefits it has for both mother and baby.